Finding beauty in storm clouds

Today I was driving to my writing office in Burbank and noticed something: Dusky grey clouds are actually quite beautiful.

Up until now, I’ve always seen them as a precursor to a storm — a blocker to an otherwise sunny day.

Once I noticed the beauty in the storm clouds, my stress lifted and I noticed it all day long, until they dissolved into a typical LA Spring day.

Are you letting an externality (weather, stock market, your SO’s mood) ruin your day? Are you willing to stretch your perspective and find beauty in things or people that otherwise make you upset? If you are willing to, you’ll behave better, be more likeable and enjoy your life.

When I thought about it, I was reminded of Dr. Viktor Frankl’s wonderful book, Man’s Search For Meaning. In the book he talks about our final freedom, the one that no one can take away from us: The freedom to choose how to respond to a situation. People don’t make you mad, you allow them to. Cloudy days don’t make you blue. You let them make you feel that way. Get the idea?

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