Expose yourself on YouTube

I was at CNBC’s headquarters in New Jersey on Weds and here’s a picture of the broadcast center.

I was invited to meet with development executives about an opportunity to be on one of their shows in May. They found me because I had posted a series of videos on YouTube. By watching my videos, then passing them around via email, they became interested in working with me.

Who knows what it can lead to. I’ve read articles, such as a USA Today feature, about how record companies and production companies are finding comics and musicians via YouTube or MySpace.

If you have any video, or the ability to make one, you should post it on YouTube too. Whatever your talent is, you can market it better via video than via text. If you blog, take out a video camera and do a video post by first posting it to YouTube, then embedding it into your page or linking to it. Who knows who will see it and reach out to you!

For me, as a speaker/author, the process is simple: When I give talks, I ask for a copy of it on DVD. When i receive the DVD, I rip it using Cinematize. That way, it is in Quicktime format and can easily be edited. All that’s left is creating a YouTube account and presto — you are live! Besides the CNBC opportunity, I’ve booked three different speaking engagements with people that first saw me on YouTube.
Check out my YouTube collection.