Elevate while sleeping

Last night I attended a charity event for Yo San University, where Dr. Mao’s and Dr. Dao’s new books were being launched. There were about 150 people at the event, which was held at a cool art gallery in Venice.

The surprise MC was none other than mega-blogger Arianna Huffington. (No, it was not Traci Ullman doing Arianna Huffington, I checked). With all of us crowded around her, she introduced special guests and speakers. Dr. Mao’s remarks were funny, smart and inspiring. The big aha moment for me is when he quoted one of his patients referring to acupuncture sessions as “elevating while sleeping.”

When he said that, I turned around a took a good look at the crowd. Most of them were his patients, many of them famous or successful. They looked healthy and happy, more so than your average crowd at a high end club or restaurant. What do they all have in common? They mix the East with the West. They explore new ways of thinking about health. And it elevates them.

What you are doing to elevate yourself? Try something this weekend: a massage, some green tea, reading Dr. Mao’s new book.

Do something for you.

I promise you, the more you practice this, the higher you’ll fly.