Editors, join my movement

My team and I getting ready for the launch of SavingTheWorld (URL to come), an online knowledge network for people that want to save the world in whatever way they can.

The website will provide tools for you to organize projects, find kindred spirits and share knowledge. It will feature feeds, member blogs and daily content related to social responsibility and sustainability in business. The goal is to make it the business portal for what I call “Saver Soldiers” in my new book. They want to leverage their talents to make a difference instead of just making a dollar.

For the Fall season (during my book tour), I will need three associate editor volunteers, each managing one of the website’s three major categories. My new book (Saving The World At Work) divides the difference we can make in three areas: People, Community and Planet health. They would work for the website’s Editor In Chief (a really cool person that is NOT me).

* The People editor is familiar with all things HR, Recognition or Training. The Community editor is familiar with non-profit outreach, local corporate outreach, foundations, etc.. The Planet editor is familiar with issues related to sustainability and the environment.
* Editors would manage incoming member and expert posts, featured groups and content placement. As a result, writing and email communications skills are a must.
* There’s no salary, but editors get a healthy % of affiliate fees from the categories they manage (Amazon, BN.com, etc.) as well as a small honorarium.

Send me a note if you are interested or hit me up on Facebook. Any friend of SandersSays is a fan of mine!

For my fellow bloggers, if you’d like to help me in this quest, please post a link to this note or Trackback.