Eat your own dog food

Quick dummy check in bizlife: If you work at a company that has customer support, call the number. Count the rings. If you work in retail, and its possible, go be a mystery shopper. If you sell a service, buy it and consume it.

Everyone needs to do this often. I just visited my Ebay store and experienced my own design. Too many clicks, not enough discovery. I’ll be making changes in the next week. I tell you, it never fails, this exercise instructs every time.

Think about it. We go out an pitch/sell our company and sometimes we don’t have intimate knowledge of what we’re selling. How can we make promises of service or quality if we aren’t regularly sampling it first hand? To steal a joke like Carlos Menstelia, “the only difference between us and a used car dealer, is that the used car dealer knows when he’s lying.”

Don’t be a liar due to ignorance, eat your own dog food today.