Eat green food

Today I read an article about Ted Turner’s chain of ‘green restaurants’.

He’s got the right idea — clean up one of the biggest eco-offenders in business America, the eateries. They produce incredible amounts of solid waste, bring food in from long distances and purchase products produced in unsafe or unsustainable manners. For decades, we’ve focused on the nutritional issues related to dining out. Many of us don’t eat fast food and search out healthy, low fat or organic places to eat.

Let’s take it up a notch and concern ourselves with the socio-quality of where we eat. It’s time to ask new questions:

* Where do you get the food? Do you support Fair Trade?
* Are the eating utensils environmentally responsible?
* What happens to the waste?

The more we demand this from our eateries, the faster they’ll retrofit to keep up with the times. Believe me, the questions will make a difference. In researching my new book, I’ve talked with several restaurant owners that greened up their operations because of pointed feedback (demands) from their customers, family and friends. So speak up!