Easy things first

If you have an unreasonably long to-do list, don’t let it overwhelm you.

All you need is a little momentum, a quick win to get your started. I’ve learned that time management is really a question of energy management. You can mow through almost any task list, much like running a long race, so long as you have ‘gas in the tank’.

Often, we dive into our daily lists, trying to tackle the toughest stuff first. We get a little bogged down, the day passes, and we feel like we got nothing accomplished. Reverse that thinking. Look at your list, circle three things that are easy yet important — and knock them off. Circle two more ez-pezee tasks to tackle right after lunch. You’ll find that when you get three things done, you have a sense of confidence. That is when you tackle something harder (creative, emotionally charged, etc.). With some momentum, you’ll find that it is doable, and you’ll likely get it done. Try this next Monday, and report your results in comments.
Suggested read: First Things First by Stephen Covey