Download a blaster from the pasture!

When I originally lived in LA (early to mid 80’s) there was a vibrant rockabilly and punk country scene going on. Rank and File, X, The Knitters, Los Lobos and the Blasters were all happening.

A few months ago I went on a search to find the song “Marie Marie” by The Blasters. Their CDs are hard to find, their songs aren’t for sale on ITUNES. As it turns out, you can download that song for free as well as several other seminal tunes by the Blasters at their site! Dark Night (Dusk To Dawn) and Border Radio are also there for the pickin’.

If you like Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly — or the Stray Cats for that matter, you will LOVE The Blasters.

Download The Blasters for free!

Last night, I went out the the Indie 103 annual hoe-down to celebrate the alt country/roots scene. There is a Sunday morning show (9am) called Watusi Rodeo that is hosted by Chris Morris. He keeps the scene alive and breaks new artists. Check out his playlist to keep your finger on the pulse.

Recommended: Check out Watusi Rodeo, the best roots rock radio show on the planet.

*If you know of other great legal downoad sites with special collections of rare songs, post in comments.