Does it offend you (yeah!)

There's a new electo-rock band on the scene, and their name is as provocative as their music. 

You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Yourself Into is the new CD by Reading UK band Does It Offend You Yeah?  This band captures the energy of recent electronic standouts:  Daft Punk, The Rapture, Justice or even VHS or Beta.  

They have two styles of music:  Chemical Brothers styled instrumental tracks and Killers style pop.   Check out "We Are Rockstars", their first single for an instrumental blast of energy.  Check out "Dawn Of The Dead" for their more song oriented vocal tracks. 

Either style, this band is exciting.  They are the most innovative group of 2008 since MGMT and Vampire Circus.  The record delivers at least eight great tracks, making it worth the whole disc purchase and not just a few tracks off of iTunes.  I've been listening to it solid for the last few days, and likely it will make my year's final top ten new records/bands of the year.