Discover one BOYE band per quarter

BOYE band = Band Of Youthful Energy.

I love new music because it has so much youthful energy. When I discovered Nirvana in the early 90’s, it opened my eyes to teenage spirit. The Arcade Fire shouted to me two years ago and opened my eyes to see youth’s concept of death and life. These bands relay the gestalt of the moment in music form and keep me young inside.

So every month I buy at least six records in hopes of discovering a new BOYE to expand my point of view. That’s why I love music. It changes the world with a song.

I’ve reviewed dozens of CDs over the last few weeks to find two new BOYES just for my blog readers. Some records had a single great song, others had a few. I debated which ones to recommend. Some of you emailed me your recommendations and I listened to them as well. Although I found parts of The Good, The Bad and the Queen fun and dubby — I felt like any Blur or Gorillaz record was better. Even though I found parts of The Hold Steady unique and urgent (like Built to Spill), I felt like it was uneven.

Recommended listens:
Band of Horses — Everything All The Time
This group has a sound that will play wonderfully between My Morning Jacket and the Flaming Lips. The guitar sound is big and the vocal is breathy but clear. Each song on the record is great and on first listen I knew I’d found something pretty special. Check out track 2 (Wicket Gil) and track 3 (Our Swords) to taste this new sensation.

Of Montreal — Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer
They are not from Canada, they are from Athens GA, the home of REM. Of Montreal has a sixties meets eighties fueled pop sound. Bright guitars, and smart lyrics bear the mark of the blognation’s point of view. If you liked They Might Be Giants and the Pet Shop Boys but wish they both had a little Kinks to them — then check out Of Montreal. Tracks 2-7 are solid gold indie wave listening pleasure.