If you want to assert your leadership, have the courage to make yourself easy to find (with complaints, feedback, etc.).

That’s exactly what Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, is doing in the company’s new national ad campaign. At the conclusion of the ad, you see the graphic: dan@sprint.com. Tell me that this won’t cause his blackberry to get seriously pounded!

Sprint’s been up to quite a bit of adversity, between competition and the ever brutal stock market – and its unreasonable expectations. Dan’s response is perfect: He’s available to talk to all stakeholders.

That’s exactly how you do it, get out in public when times are tough and stand accountable.

Will an admin likely filter through your note to Dan? Sure, but I’m willing to bet that the good bits will make their way to Dan’s inbox, and he’ll likely reply. Hopefully, we won’t make the mistake that Countrywide’s CEO, Angelo Mozilo, did. If you haven’t read about that email gaffe, check out this article.