Coming January 1, 2016: Downloads + Resources To Complement the book Dealstorming by Tim Sanders

Thanks for coming to  You’ve found out about this URL by reading either an advance reader copy of the book, which will not be published until February 23, 2016.

We are currently building this page as part of the relaunch of

Come back to this URL after January 1, 2016 for a host of resources to complement Dealstorming including:

  • Downloadable graphics and templates for Dealstorming meetings
  • A Word document format Deal Brief template
  • Service providers for meeting recording & transcription resources
  • Cyberstorming and document collaboration solutions

If you’ve enjoyed the book, consider buying a copy for every member of your sales team!  We are offering a special incentive for you: Video training and a live webinar! For every copy of the book you buy, you’ll receive on seat for training and a ticket to a live webinar on how to lead Dealstorm teams to victory.  Buy more than fifty copies and author Tim Sanders will conduct a special webinar with select members of your team.

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