Check these fresh CDs (Shins, Saint Germain)

The two music categories I scour are indie rock and electronic/world. 

I’m thrilled to tell you about two brand new records that will curl your toes with musical delight:
Saint German des Pres Cafe, Volume 8
This is a collection of swank lounge funk nujazz downtempo and head tracks.  Saint Germain is a brilliant French DJProducer that has a deep set of influences and the midas mix touch.  If you like De Phazz, Buddha Bar, Hotel Costes or David Holmes then you will love this. 
PS — There is a bonus disc,French Nu Jazz, and these tracks are stunningly bizarre yet smooth.

The Shins – Wincing the Night Away (PreOrder it now!)
I’ve been following this New Mexico born now Seattle based band for the last few years on the indie rock scene.  Their first single (Caring is Creepy) offered a new voice and great lyrics.  The second record (Chutes Too Narrow) built on this with a near-perfect collection of songs.  Much like Death Cab For Cutie, they positioned themselves to break through with their next record (Wincing the Night Away).  I’ve just listened to an advance copy of the album and it is nothing short of astonishing.  Emotion, swagger, touching words and a cohesion make this the first BIG rock record release of 2007.  And it’s only 9.99 to boot!