Check out these records

This is my first installment of the music version of Sanders Says. I’ll try and do one every weekend.

I focus on two areas; independent/new rock and chill music (lounge to world). I played in reggae, rock, industrial and trip hop bands over my musical career. Read the About section to find out what I decided to do when I grew up.

These reviews recommend my attempt to glean emotions and sensations from the sea of records being released. I’ll never grow old if I constantly keep my fingers on the pulse of the gestalt of our culture. And these two genres deliver the goods!

I’ve been listening to a lot of music this Summer (Tower had a big sale, several newsletter readers sent me CDs, etc.). I’m really excited about some new bands these days, so check out:

1. The Black Angels — Passover. These guys are dark, Doors meets Spiritualized in a not-too-derivative/totally godhead vibe. They are psychadelic and thunderous at the same time. Trance out on this Austin group and catch them live when they come to your town.

2. Silversun Pickups –Carnavas. The “it” band of LA really delivers. They remind me of The The meets PJ Harvey with early Jesus & Mary Chains Guitars. And all the songs are great. No filler on this breakout record from the LA band that got their name from a liquor pickup store on Silver Lake and Sunset Blvd.

3. Phoenix — It’s Never Been Like That. Discovered this at a listening post at Virgin Mega. Jacqueline tried it out too and said, “hey, this is worth $10.00”. So, we took a chance on a French band that likes a range of artists from Death Cab to Jackson Browne. They remind me a little of French Kicks or Del Amitri. The first six songs on this CD are all great songs that stick in your head.

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