Check out the Mighty Superfunk

Good funk will put joy in your heart and soul. It lifts you up, throws you around and gets your blood pumping. In the 60s and 70s, funk was pure and simple:  Horns, grooves, soul and jump-up.

I just found a compilation of some of the best funk of that era: Mighty Superfunk Volume Six. It is mastered from the actual vinyl recordings, many of them singles. The opening track (Are We Together For a New Day?) sounds fresh and highly relevant.  From there, the record builds up from the obscure (Queen Of Losers) to my all-time-faves (It's Your Thing and Shake What You Brought With You).

Right now, you can find used copies on Amazon (Mighty Superfunk Volume 6) or Ebay. Snap one up while you can!

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