Catch some joy tomorrow

If you are joyful and grateful, you are easier to get along with and generally much more creative. Have you ever met a joyful person who was mean or rude?

The trick is being joyful OR grateful at work. One way to do this is to catch it, like a cold, from someone at work. Every day you come into contact with at least one person who is experiencing joy. You have a choice; catch it, ignore it or cure it. When you ask someone, “what the heck are you so happy about?”, you are curing it (in your eyes) and it frequently goes away. When you ignore it, you let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers.

Instead, you should genuinely say, with a smile on your face, “you seem to be happy about something, share it with me!” Practice empathy by soaking up that person’s joy and imagining that it is happening to you. Have an instant happy party, just like your little dog might have with you if you come home from work in a good mood.

By absorbing and adopting someone else’s happiness, you will life your mood state. This will help you at work, at home and throughout your life.