Buy your children their own domain

When I was growing up, the most thoughtful gift I would get from a family member was a savings bond.

Remember? If you waited ten years, it was worth $100.00. It also taught me how to save and think about investing.

Today, there is a new opportunity for you in thoughtful gift giving: The gift of a personal domain. In other words, buy your kids their name-dot-com as a gift.

My ownership of is an asset to me. It is a valuable piece of real estate that gives me tons of shortcuts in digital life. My son, Anthony, has his own name-dot-com. Years from now it will be one of his prized possessions.
(Fair disclosure: He bought it for himself.)

You should immediately go to NetSol and see if your children’s names are available as a doman. Try to get .com or .net if possible. Buy them for ten years and then present them as a gift to your kids! You’ll be surprised how much they appreciate it!

PS — I bought my mom her own domain (she’s in her early 90s, so I don’t yet know what we’ll do with it). So use your imagination.