Boost your L-Factor, have a better life

Good things happen to people that make themself emotionally attractive!

Some call them lucky, my research says there are actually likeable.
When people understand this, they can begin to increase their emotional talent.
When they start to boost this area of talent, their life changes for the better.

In the Summer of 2006, I flew to Minneapolis to produce the Likeability Factor seminar for Better Life Media. They built a six figure stage set and rented out Prince’s Paisley Park studio to shoot a series of seminars with various folks including Dan Pink and Keith Ferrazi. It is finally on sale and coming to a store, hotel room or conference center near you.

I’m thrilled with their quality of work and how they captured my advice and intentions in this product.
Check out a YouTube sample:

You can get a copy of this DVD at a 20% discount from the Deeper Media Store.

“Long after people forget what you did, they will remember how you made them feel.”