Book tour: Days 2 and 3


I am in New York City today and tomorrow, taping for national television shows like The Big Idea (CNBC, airs tonight), ABC News Now and Fox Business Channel’s Money For Breakfast (later this week).   If you grab the new issue of Reader's Digest, Saving The World At Work is featured on page 18.  This is all very exciting, and hopefully it will help this book catch fire.

It is fun, fast and so far pretty friendly.  The big topic is “how can companies be green during a recession.”  My answer?  Done correctly green is FREE. 

If we focus on reducing waste and reusing what we already have, we reduce our footprint and help the bottom line.  That’s how Interface, Wal-Mart and Marriott do it and so can you! 

Yesterday, I was in Austin to speak at the Radio and Records conference.  I was also in the studio with JB and Sandy (Mix 94.7) and they showed me serious love.   Due to their promotion that morning, along with my readers and Big Mouths, we got the book up to 600 on Amazon! 


Sandy also put me in a headlock after the interview – maybe it was something I said about Vince Young!