Best of the week

This week's been another fantastic one! 

Each Sunday, I recollect the week's greatest hits and gets.  It helps ground me in my quality of life, progress in it and focus on all that I have to be grateful for (and recharged by).  

The top experience of the week was my family dinner and fireworks for July 4.  We were in Malibu (My Flickrstream of it is here) and enjoyed the fireworks with a dozen or so neighbors about the PCH.  It was also taco night, with homemade chicken tacos, kickbutt fresh salsa and a wonderful time with Jacqueline and Anthony. 

We watched the Billabong Odyssey on our Roku box  If you use Netflix, you have to get a Roku box (video on demand device). Billabong Odyssey is a great documentary about big wave surfers in search of the biggest wave.  The visuals were stunning and it's a genre that never gets old or fails to inspire. 

On Tuesday, I finally got my hands on Wilco (The Record).  Jeff and gang are truly one of the most gifted rock bands alive right now, with one of my favorite guitarists in the world.  From the first note, I knew that this might be my summertime fave record.  There are a few slow tracks, but I'm sure they'll grow on me.  I'll fully talk about this CD after listening to it a few dozen times.  They are kind of band that will (like My Morning Jacket) get their songs 'under your skin' over time.

I picked up a copy of iPhone Life Magazine on a trip to San Antonio this week, and found out Nighttime Plus, a new app that turns your iPhone into a big number clock with auto-time zone detection. You can see what time it is from twenty feet with this handy little program.  This is perfect for a night clock (with alarm).  Why?  I always unplug hotel room clocks: they are often set to go off at 3am, and I don't want to have the 'learn' a new one for each city.  

As a speaker, I can now use my iPhone as my clock (airplane mode so the phone doesn't ring!).  Try it for your timed presentations or meetings with a full-stop time.  Knowing the time in those situations helps you pace your presentation, and have ample time to tell your concluding story!

Finally, my talk on Monday at the ASSE annual conference (Safety 2009) was a fantastic experience. I talked about my new book (Saving The World At Work) and its lessons of leadership during this new era of biz-social responsibility. My notes from the talk are here.  

I'm so grateful for the safety professionals that devote their careers to preventing workplace accidents and making the workplace healthier.  They deserve so much recognition for what they do!  The kicker was, that the event was in San Antonio, so I had a great mexican food experience too!  Check out the pics from my TexMex feast at Casa Rio

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What were your best times last week? Do you take Sunday time to connect with what you've received over the last seven days?