Be your own Simon Cowell

Sometimes you have to look into the mirror and say to yourself, “If I’m being honest, your behavior yesterday was GHASTLY!”

It might do you some good. This morning I was on JB and Sandy’s Morning Show in Austin TX. They’ve been my friends for a few years now and big supporters of The Likeability Factor. JB has become a personal friend over time and I think he’s a very likeable guy. But he’s also brutal with himself when it comes to any divets in his emotional intelligence. He’s been the first to say, “I could do much better!”

As a result, he tells me that he’s found a way to be even more consistent in producing positive emotions in other people. He’s taken some email tips from this blog. He’s being a more emapthetic listener. And like I said, he was already emotionally appealing. This means that he’s likely to soar with his strength and really differentiate himself in the world by having a strong emotional value proposition.

Ask yourself, “Can I do better in my relationships at home or work? Can I be more likeable, yet stay true to myself?” Don’t play Paula’s role either, that will only help your self-esteem.