Be in a one-of-a-kind business

One of the best experiences you create is through customization.
One of the worst ones is created through generalization.
When we tailor our information, services and products to someone’s individual situation, we make a real connection. I have learned this recently in both my blogging and speaking life. Often, it is easy to generalize a piece of advice with the “your results may vary” type disclaimer. That is not enough.
In our new IPOD-individualized experience world, you need to deliver one-of-a-kind services. To do this you must:
* Research the audience/client needs, context and desires
* Break them down into specific groups (example: sales pros who want to stay on top)
* Throw out your general messages and vanilla products and replace them with a set of custom products that can only make sense to the targeted group.
You will be surprised how few of these custom products or messages we actually offer. No matter what business you are in, you can apply this to your sales, service or marketing. By customizing, you create a great experience that tells your audience or market that you care enough to listen, learn and adapt to them.
Recommended read:

Markets Of One by Pine and Gilmore (who also wrote The Experience Economy and Authenticity)