Bathe yourself in the Brightblack Morning Light

If you like Mazzy Star, Portishead, Spiritualized or Pink Floyd, you will LOVE Brightblack Morning Light.

Jacqueline and I saw them on a club tour stop at the Troubador in Hollywood a few months back, on a lark, and they were mezmerizing. Three people create a wall of soft sheen with ghostly vocals popping through.

Their self titlled CD is a must own for anyone that loves sonic songs that take you to another place. This band is one part Kentucky, mixed with one part back woods Alabama and laced with a Humbolt County Northern Californian to round out the mix. They play simple, yet deeply resonant pop songs.

Everybody Daylight, the opening track, is riveting and sticks in your head. It reminded me of the first Sigur Ros record and how brown and cathedral like the mix was (but it was clear as a bell too). As the CD plays on, the songs go from pop to sonic scape. There’s just enough cool songs at the front and just enough dynamics at the back to make this a perfectly scupted pop trance rock record.

Give this one a spin and you’ll sail into the next century: