Ask someone, “why not?”

How many times are we told everday that something cannot or should not be done?

When we ask if one of our products has a certain feature we accept “no” as an answer. When we bring up an idea, we are told that “it will not work”.

Tomorrow at work, when you are told NO, ask “why not?”. If you don’t feel like the answer you get gives you a clear understading of the picture, like a five year old, keep asking
“why?’. Don’t stop until you feel enlightened or the other person feels stupid for making that assertion in the first place.

Part of innovation is the perspiration of asking hard questions. Asking “why not?” is not easy, especially if you are crossing political boundaries.

But it leads to insight and might uncover a sacred cow that needs to be grilled. Too often we settle into a pattern of trust for the status quo at work. That’s a bad idea, because your Customer never settles for the same or “no” as an answer. They ask “why not?”, so you should too.

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