Are you ready to be fired?

With the economy on the slide, layoffs and cutbacks loom over our days. 

If the corporate grim-reaper makes a visit to your cube this year, are you ready?  Will you act like you ‘saw it coming’ or make a desperate fool out of yourself?  It really comes down to the element of surprise. A few weeks ago I visited Gene and Julie Gates at KVIL where they host a morning show radio program. 

They told me a great story about how they knew they were going to be fired, so they rehearsed it!  (Gene and Julie practice getting fired).  What was the benefit of such work?  Dignity.  Since they’d already been through it, when the actual time came, they were calm about it.  

If you know someone (hint) that might be getting fired/laid off or downsized, suggest a rehearsal. Remember:  When the economy improves, many people are offered their job back.  

Unless they totally freaked out when they were cut!