Always consider the audience

One of my friends was astounded that the “Mouse beats up guy” Doritos Super Bowl Ad was ranked so highly.

It wasn’t likeable, didn’t show the product being enjoyed and had no call to action. That’s three no-no’s.

The reason the Doritos ad worked (and will lead to incremental product sales) is because it appealed to high volume chip eaters: Young men.

When you consider the audience, the Chip-Eating-Boys are likely to love this ad more than battling parade balloons or even Justin Timberrlake on a wild ride. It was a football game, and the fighting mouse represented the underdog winning, which is exactly what happened.

Young men are also a core audience of football watchers. When you consider the audience, the whole thing makes sense. Are you doing that with your markeitng? Do you consider what emotional response you’ll trigger with your execution? Will that response fulfill an unmet need? Forget your personal opinions about the marketing, or those of your friends, and focus instead on your core audience’s emotional needs. Do this and you’ll hit the mark too.