About my new venture: Net Minds

NetMinds-Logo_Echosign copy
It’s time for me to spill the beans about a startup I’ve co-founded.  

The company is called Net Minds, and we are a networking service that partners authors with all the talents they need to produce great books that are effectively promoted.  We believe the future of publishing is in groups, think joint ventures.  

Currently, if you have an idea for a book, you either go the traditional route (sell the book to a corporate publisher) or self-publishing.  The former is harder than ever to achieve and the latter is … the wild wild west.  We are in the middle: offering quality partners for quality ideas. 

Right now, to use Lean Startup speak, we are in “Minimum Viable Product” mode, producing books the net minds way using concierge services.  We’ve signed a handful of authors and built teams around them, mostly by dividing up the book’s equity/royalties.  Such books include Nerve Breakers by uber-musician Mark Schulman and Finding The Next Steve Jobs by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell. 

Between now and our public launch, we are focused on acquiring high-platform projects like the above and stocking our database with editors, designers, marketers and publicists that would like to work on Net Minds projects.  If you know of any, please send them to our Partner Signup Page or share this blog post via Twitter or Facebook (below). 

It’s the first startup I’ve believed in enough to be a founder of, and I am very excited about the quality of our team and the dent we are going to kick in the publishing business.  Over the next few months, you’ll see more blog posts about the Net Minds journey, covering new topics like Publishing or Startups.