A recession friendly green strategery

As mentioned last week, I'm giving a breakfast talk at 8am in LA tomorrow.  

I'm speaking on behalf of Fedex Office and American Express at a business breakfast designed to give solid ideas on social innovations and how to make a difference at work. 

My key subject will be "How to find Green Green innovations at work".  Given the current economic climate, green ideas need to either be free or save money.  In fact, any new innovations need to save money or be free! 

I'll share a few ideas, taken from the pages of Saving The World At Work.  Some include: 

1.  Creating a "Turn it off" campaign, aimed at reducing monthly electricity bills by 25% between now and the end the of the year. 

2.  Going from disposable to resuable for EVERYTHING at work.  Much of our expense and footprint both come from a "use-it-once-then-throw-it-away" mentality. 

3.  Turning our waste into food.  This includes taking unused office supplies (equip to furniture) and giving it away to local organizations struggling to gather resources.  During these tough times, this free way of giving not only inspires your people, it distracts from the negative news that otherwise whipsaws them. 

To attend tomorrow's LA talk, or my other one in Chicago on Oct 15, RVSP to: rachelb@eventivemarketing.com or by calling 917-606-8112