A prescription for worry or stress

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s book, The Power Of Positive Thinking is packed with life changing ideas and easy to implement daily do’s.  One of them is simple: If you are worried, do something physical. According to Dr. Peale, you won’t get any better sitting and stewing! 

So many people I talk to these days are worried about their jobs, the economy, politics or families going through hard times. If they don’t get up and move around a little, they’ll just simmer in the pressure cooker of life until they turn to mush. I’ve seen some individual cases already. They search the net, their social spaces and their soul for answers but the easy one is right in front of them.  Move for life!

Of course, this is a true home spun remedy.  But it works!  Research indicates that physical therapy or going outside for a walk/run are good for your body’s emo-chemical mix.  Often stress creates an elevated level of Cortisol, the stress hormone.  This reinforces your feelings, attacks muscles and generates toxins inside your body.  You more you worry, the worse you feel and in that bad feeling state — the more emotional you become. Think of it as a downward spiral.  

Breaking it is as simple of getting out of your chair, walking outside and letting some sun or rain fall on your face during a smoke break length walk (I don’t mean have a cigg, I mean 7-10 minutes). When you get back to your chair, the world will be as you left it, but you’ll have positive chemicals (like DHEA) pumping through your system.