A new place to fully sample new indie CDs

Yesterday I discovered a radical new online music service at CMJ's site.

It's called Lala, and it allows you to stream ENTIRE albums at high quality for FREE.  On CMJ's site, for example, when you visit the CMJ Radio Airplay chart, every single album is available to listen to in its entirety. 

This really beats iTunes and Amazon, where you only get to listen to 30 second lo-fi clips. In fact, I've got Who Killed Harry Houdini by I'm From Barcelona playing right now as I write this to you.  (NOTE, it's a great record!).

This new service will help me decide which records to buy fully and which ones to pick off (best 2 or 3 tracks) from iTunes. If you love new, indie or college rock — you will thank me for this tip.