A New Era Of Responsibility: Words as a tipping point

Obama’s inaugural address may be the tipping point, creating
a national movement of responsibility at home, in the market and at work.
 In his address, he called for "A New Era Of Responsibility".

In my new book, I declare that a
responsibility revolution” is at hand as tens of millions of consumers are
starting to spend their dollars responsibly, and requiring companies they do
business with to make a difference and not just a dollar.
  They will switch (price and quality
being equal) to companies that are green or community focused.
  This trend started at the turn of the
century, fueled by corporate scandals and a growing sense of dread about the
environment and survival of local communities.

A very small percentage of Americans are
actually to blame for the housing market meltdown and the current economic
  Greedy companies, brokers
and speculators have created most of the turmoil – yet all of us are feeling
its effects.  

Obama’s administration promises carbon emissions regulations as local
and state governments vow to require companies to give back to the communities
where they make money.
consumer trend, coupled with regulations, could change the way companies
compete for business.
  Leading companies from Wal-Mart to Pepsi to GE are turning
their operations upside down to be more responsible.

You can join Obama's vision by taking your values for responsibility to work: Volunteering for a corporate community outreach program or participating in a green business initiative.  In my  experience I've learned that one person, regardless of their rank or role, can change the world through workplace innovation.