A lunch for champions


Eat a lunch that gives you energy and health. 

It's really not hard, all you need is a microwave and five minutes of prep time.  My lunch plans usually involve a Jalapeno Boca veggie burger with a slice of cheese on a whole wheat bun, along with two handfuls of steamed broccoli (steam it and you triple the nutrients you'll absorb). If you like, add a little lo-fat salad dressing for the broc. 

Don't use mayo, use mustard instead.  That alone makes a big difference.

This has replaced burgers, fries, dogs, mex food, junk, etc. for lunch.  The total calorie count is below 250 and the fat is limited to the slice of cheese.  After a while, even my dog believes it is a burger and fries and begs for a bite daily! 

In 2003-2004, when I went from waistline 34 and rising to 30, this was one of my diet secrets.  

PS – Here's my good friend Dr. Mao's recommendations for lunch.