Corporate Collaboration

New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders is the perfect fit as the leadership keynote speaker for your corporate event or association convention. He’s led teams during the quality movement, the launch of the mobile phone industry and the birth of the world wide web. He’s been endorsed by leadership gurus including Dr. Stephen Covey Sr., John Maxwell, Tom Peters and Ken Blanchard. Tim has served for six years on the faculty of the Global Institute of Leadership Development and delivered leadership programming for Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of Dayton, University of Michigan Health Care Systems, Skillsoft and Linkage.

Prior to every conference he is a leadership keynote speaker for, he conducts a series of interviews with meeting stakeholders to understand the organization’s current challenges as well as learning objectives for the event. Tapping into his treasure trove of case studies, research and actionable advice, he’ll create a one-of-a-kind keynote that will inspire, inform and energize your audience.

Leading with Love

In Tim’s New York Times bestseller Love Is the Killer App, he turned the leadership world on its head by suggesting nice-smart-leaders succeed. They ‘show the love’ by mentoring their people, making generous networking introductions and showing empathy during times of adversity and change.

Unleash Innovation with Disruptive Collaboration

Real innovation happens when diverse minds gather around a shared challenge to work across the lines by collaborating courageously. Today’s leader needs to spot these opportunities, sponsor disruptive collaboration projects and focus them on higher purpose.

Emotional Talent: The Final Frontier of Leadership Development

Leaders that develop their EQ succeed in the face of disruption and leverage the power of positive emotions to drive performance. But too often, they focus on technical skills, treating people skills as an option. Those that develop emotional talent bring out the best in others, overcome adversity and influence more effectively.


“I was impressed with how quickly Tim understood our culture, strategy and challenges. He developed a speech that was both insightful and impactful.”

– Larry English, President of Centric Consulting

“At a time when our company needed to come together as a new organization, Tim Sanders was the perfect prescription. Not only did his presentations build bridges among individuals in our field organization, his focus on customer service gave our financial associates the skills and tools to build stronger relationships with our members.”

– Dan Young, Thrivent Financial Services For Lutherans

“You were beyond fantastic. In one hour you propelled this group years ahead in our quest to instill the notions which you expound. I think you felt the energy from this group and can see that Colliers is built upon your concepts.”

– Rick Kimball, Senior VP, Colliers International

“Tim Sanders spent hours in advance of his session at Linkage’s Global Institute of Leadership Development (GILD) understanding what the learning objectives were related to Emotional Intelligence (EI). With that understanding he framed content that was exactly on point and extremely valuable and practical for the over 500 leaders from around the world who were participating in GILD to become great leaders. I highly recommend Tim as an expert on Emotional Intelligence who understands what it means to customize his content!”

– Rich Roser, Senior Vice President, Linkage Incorporated