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Are you just hanging in there? Have life’s curveballs thrown you off balance? Do you feel as if your life is going Sideways?

Former Yahoo! executive and acclaimed keynote speaker Tim Sanders will help you work through these feelings in the prequel to his New York Times bestselling book, Love Is The Killer App: How To Win Business & Influence Friends.

The message is clear: Positive thinking is possible during good or bad times through lifestyle design. Without it, you’ll likely move sideways or backwards when faced with economic, social or personal adversity.

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“I always say personal finance is 80% behavior; it’s only 20% head knowledge. In Today We Are Rich, Tim Sanders shows you how to unleash those winning behaviors, like gratitude and persistence, to achieve the one thing we all need in order to win: confidence. You can do it, and this book can help.”

Dave Ramsey Host of The Dave Ramsey Show and Author of The Total Money Makeover

“Tim reminds us that riches are never on the outside, but always on the inside. And he gives us some helps for ordering our hearts accordingly. The one idea that ‘rich’ equals ‘having enough to share’ is well worth the read.”

Dr. Henry Cloud Bestselling Author of Boundaries

“Tim Sanders is a phenomenal communicator…What Tim does so well is show people he really cares about them and wants them to succeed.”

John Maxwell Bestselling Author of Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

A decade after his meteoric rise in the business world, Tim realized that his success and generosity stemmed from his confidence, taught to him as a child by his grandmother, a remarkable person named Billye. She taught him that rich was the belief that “you have enough to go around, enough to share. And when we share, we are worth something.” She knew from her experiences, including the Great Depression, that the key was to possess total confidence: In yourself, the others you rely on and a power greater than yourself.

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