Tim Sanders is the perfect choice for your Innovation session at your next conference. His fresh perspective on the subject, combined with his nuts-and-bolts approach, will give your audience a way to make the leap from being motivated to think-outside-the-box to actually bringing innovations to life that move the bottom line and help you respond to change. His perspective on safe team work versus courageous team work will shake things up!

A Perspective 30+ Years In The Making

Tim’s career started out leading disruptive collaborations at Hughes Aircraft during the quality revolution. At the time, they were referred to as Quality Circles, but quickly, Tim became adept at getting plant workers and management to collaborate across divisional boundaries by bringing everyone from “me to we.” As an internet pioneer he leveraged this “go wide fearlessly” approach to his role at Yahoo as CSO, which contributed to hundreds of millions of dollars in new business after the Dotcom crash. As a consultant, he’s helped dozens of companies use his unique collaboration process to solve challenging issues and bring innovative new products and services to market. 

If your company needs to “connect the silos” then Tim is your perfect choice for your next event. He will share case studies with your audience that show how any company can connect their silos, be they departments or divisions, one successful disruptive collaboration project at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • Why Companies That Practice Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Outperform Rivals
  • How to Leverage the Power of Multiple Perspectives to Solve Problems Faster
  • How to Bring Multiple Stakeholder NeedsFrom “Me-to-We”in a Collaborative Project
  • Why it’s Important to Build Relationships Across the Company long before you need them


If you are interested in having Tim speak at your event and would like to have a call with him to discuss, contact us right away. 

“Hearing Tim Sanders speak is a game-changer for your business. He taught us about the value of building diverse teams and how important it is to build strong internal and external relationships long before these relationships are needed.”

Craig Galati President, Society of Marketing Professional Services

“We got great feedback from your work at yesterday’s meeting. You had wonderful energy and your collaboration perspective during our integration situation was perfect for our audience!”  

Alan Gambrel Treehouse Foods

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