Today’s sale is increasingly more complicated: Multiple decision makers, doing their own research, buying complex products and services. To land or keep a strategic account requires rapid problem solving, which is beyond the ability of a single superstar. 2014 research by MHI concludes that World Class Sales Organizations (selling 20% more than their competitors) possess a common quality: They consciously collaborate across departments to involve everyone with a stake in the deal. These sales leaders create a culture of One Team, One Company, One Goal.

A Winning Play 20+ Years In The Making

After 20+ years of sales leadership success, Sanders has created a winning play for opportunities stuck at some level of the sale, be it prospecting, deal-making or account renewal. Between his experience at Yahoo and consulting with global B2B teams, his process has been vital to almost one billion dollars of billings. He’s also found that leading a collaborative sales project develops leadership qualities, as well as teaching everyone involved the value of working together as a team. His talk would combine compelling stories of sales genius as well as action items guaranteed to produce immediate results after conference.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the difference between teamwork and group work as well as the difference between silos and collaborative webs.
  • How to spot collaboration opportunities in your pipeline and then build a team around them.
  • How to build the right team for your sales challenge, prepare them fully, then lead them in meetings to unleash innovative solutions.
  • Why thinking like an Artist, Chef or a Hacker leads to innovative thinking about sales challenges.
  • How to develop an Inside Champion, Deal Mentor or Mobilizer to help you finish the complex sale.
  • How to use cross-departmental sales collaboration to build bridges, creating a unified corporate culture.  What it means to truly be a sales driven company!

Dealstorming Is Your Secret Weapon

This keynote is based on Tim’s most recent book, Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges. It’s been lauded as a groundbreaking work that promotes true teamwork in pursuit of big opportunities or in defense of key accounts.


Author Dan Pink (To Sell Is Human, Drive) endorsed the book declaring, “Tim Sanders’ insightful Dealstorming lays out seven steps that will transform how you do sales. By bringing in co-workers as collaborators, you’ll expand your knowledge base, multiply your skills, and turn your team into top-notch deal-makers your competitors will envy.”


If you are interested in having Tim speak at your event, and would like a FREE copy of Dealstorming to review, contact us and we’ll rush it out to you!

“I cannot begin to tell you what a great job Tim Sanders did for our YPO group last week. I believe it will turn out to be one of our chapter’s highest rated events ever – and we’ve had some pretty fantastic resources. I would highly recommend Tim to any group of business executives who are seeking to get to ‘the next level’.”

Joe Dada President & CEO, Smarthome Inc/YPO California Chapter

“Your passionate delivery on how to save the world at work really resonated with our community and the opening general session will undoubtedly be one of our highest rated ever. Thank you for your message, your energy and your humanity.”

Bruce MacMillan CEO, Meeting Professionals International

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