Leaders can drive customer and employee loyalty by promoting a strong culture based on respect, relationship development and professional generosity. When business is based on love for the individual, it flourishes over time. This keynote reveals the winning recipe to accomplish these objectives.

We produce engagement by sharing our most valuable intangibles with every interaction. They include our knowledge, our network of relationships and our compassion. Over the last fifteen years, Sanders has created a practical system for sharing these elements in every business interaction. In his view, we stand out by multiplying the value of others we do business with.

Key Takeaways:

  • The bottom line results from improving business relationships for leaders, managers, service professionals and salespeople.
  • Tips on stockpiling useful knowledge through reading and knowledge networking with colleagues and customers.
  • How to be an effective mentor by following three steps: Identify, Engage and Empower.
  • Best practices for networking others within your company and in the market. What questions to ask, how to follow up and how to scale networking.
  • How to approach the customer experience from a design standpoint, where compassion drives the process.
  • When to give tough love and how to convey difficult decisions with care.

Based on Sanders’ New York Times Bestseller

This talk is based on Tim’s New York Times bestseller Love Is the Killer App. He brought the concept of “business love” to the marketplace in 2002, defining it as “the intelligent sharing of one’s intangibles to promote success in others.” His perspective is that we cannot lead those we don’t care enough about to grow and we can’t serve those we don’t have compassion for.”  

Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, endorsed the book declaring, “Tim’s message that compassion in leadership is the key to success couldn’t have arrived at a better time in the history American business. This is an invaluable book; every manager should read it, study it, and then pass it along to a colleague he cares about.”

If you are interested in having Tim speak at your event, and would like a FREE copy of his book, contact us and we’ll rush it to you!

“At a time when our company needed to come together as a new organization, Tim Sanders was the perfect prescription. Not only did his presentations build bridges among individuals in our field organization, his focus on customer service gave our financial associates the skills and tools to build stronger relationships with our members.”

Dan Young Thrivent Financial

“Thanks for helping make our events a HUGE success for Microsoft. It was magical how you connected with the audience. The feedback was that you really inspired them and touched them in a way that is more intimate than usual at a business function (especially financial services) helping us to build some great relationships. Selfishly, it was also great to work with you – you understood our needs and were a pleasure to work with – easy going, professional and open.”

Kate Taylor Microsoft

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