Leadership development is currently focused on improving physical intelligence through learning, experiences and projects. But this is only a fraction of what it takes for a leader to successfully navigate change, build a sustainable enterprise and develop longstanding relationships. The emotional seat of the brain is 35 times more powerful than the logical part of the brain, making it an important area for continual improvement. Emotional talent is one’s ability to be self-aware, self-regulated and most importantly, tuned into the emotions of others. This leads to social skills and the ability to influence others.

Learn from an expert on emotional intelligence

Tim Sanders is an expert on emotional intelligence, social awareness, listening skills and emotional value proposition design. He’s reviewed hundreds of thousands of pages of research from 2004-2015, has interviewed hundreds of leaders on the subject and spoken at dozens of conferences on how to improve one’s emotional talent. The keynote focuses on how leaders can boost their own emotional talent as well as lifting the self-awareness and social skills of their entire organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Why the mood state can have a 1000% impact on a company’s innovation effectiveness.  Based on case studies inside companies like Motorola & Google, Sanders explains why most business is really “chemical warfare.”
  • Why your company’s emotional value proposition is key to attracting and retaining top talent. How to integrate employee experience design to develop a strong emotional value proposition that attracts & retains talent.
  • A blueprint to emotional talent development: Self-awareness of emotional strengths and pitfalls, and how to design to or around them. Self-regulation by lifestyle design and associate partnerships. Social skills by taking emotions into account in design, decision making or communications.
  • The rules of email etiquette, based on emotional intelligence research and a proprietary study of 30,000 users across the world.
  • How to decode people’s emotions with 90% accuracy. Reading people is a technique that IBM Data sales execs, CIA agents and champion poker players learn and hone. Sanders will reveal the 7 Faces of Emotion, which can make you the smartest leader in the room.
  • Master the Art of Deep Listening with your talent and your customers. How to borrow from the best interviewers in the world to uncover strategic insights in the field or around the office. How to develop a more empathetic culture, leading to a customer-centric approach to selling and delivering.

Based on Years of Research

This keynote originated based on research for Tim’s second book, The Likeability Factor. It was the basis for a PBS television special and was featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and on the Today Show.

Author Marcus Buckingham (First Break All the Rules, Now Discover Your Strengths) endorsed it by declaring, “In this important and necessary book, Sanders tells us why our likeability is the foundation of our success, and shows us how we can increase our own.”

If you are interested in having Tim speak at your event, and would like a FREE copy of The Likeability Factor to review, contact us and we’ll rush it out to you!

“At times the English language is truly inadequate to convey what I wish to express. To say that his talk on Emotional Talent exceeded our expectations is almost to reduce what he did. Customers and staff alike have said, ‘you should have brought him here for the whole day!’ One of our sponsors has already volunteered to sponsor his trip back next year. The whole bank is buzzing – it is exactly what they needed at this time. It was a life changing experience – he was just so on point – so authentic and humble; he totally feels and lives what he says.”

Janis Marville HR Director, Central Bank of Barbados

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